At OGP, we
  • build tech
  • fight scams
  • automate work
  • hack
  • build tech

for public good

Creating tools for public officers

Contact our team at Open Government Singapore

For a more efficient government

Collecting over 150 million form responses with FormSG and launching informational sites quickly with Isomer

Teaching seniors about technology in Singapore

For trusted communications with citizens in Singapore

Creating over 367k secure short links with GoGovSG and sending over 1.3 million messages with Postman

Hacking for public good

We believe in starting where the problems are - on the ground. 70% of our products come from our annual Hack for Public Good, where we build products to solve problems in the community.

An open work culture

Push for change

Cut through bureaucracy to create solutions that people actually need.


Approach problems from the grounds-up. Product teams decide how to maximise impact.


Clear frameworks for all hiring, performance, and compensation matters.

Partners we work with

Build with us

Work on meaningful projects from healthcare to anti-scam technology. Use your skills to fix actual problems in the community and build a better Singapore.